Preschool Special Services

Great Rivers Early Childhood Special Education program strives to provide preschool special services (developmental, speech, occupational and physical therapies) to children within the cooperative area. The preschools, along with the Cooperative, are in a collaborative agreement to screen, refer, evaluate, teach, and maintain due process records on children identified with preschool special needs. The cooperative schedules professional development to ensure staff is trained and proficient in the latest teaching and behavior management techniques. Our staff is trained to screen and evaluate children who could have developmental delays in the areas of cognition, communication, fine motor, gross motor, social, self-help, articulation and language. For children who do not attend preschool, we have therapy rooms for on-site therapeutic services to children needing early childhood special education services. We serve children ages 3-5 years old in the following districts: Helena-West Helena, KIPP, Barton/Lexa, Marvell/Elaine, Clarendon/Holly Grove, Brinkley, Palestine/Wheatly, Lee County, Forrest City, and West Memphis.

Holly Whaley, MA, ECC

ECH Special Education Coordinator

Helena Office: 870-338-6461

Forrest City Office: 870-630-1204

West Memphis Office: 870-732-8562

Clarendon Office: 870-747-3454