Great Rivers provides electronic fingerprinting for all educators through live scan.

To make an appointment, please contact Gail McKinney by email (

Commissioner's Memo COM-20-017 details changes in the background check requirements for classified employees based on Act 1040 of 2019.

How to Find us

Fingerprints are completed in the Great Rivers Education Service Cooperative Instructional Building (Building #4). Great Rivers is located on the Phillips Community College campus behind the T&I Building.

Steps for State and Federal Criminal Records Check


  • Read the instructions given on the Online Payments for ASP and FBI document (linked here).
  • Pay online with a debit or credit card (linked here).
  • Print the receipt.


  • Complete the online Background Check Consent Form (linked here).
  • Print the form when completed.


Arkansas Applicants

Go to a live scan fingerprinting location for fingerprinting, and bring with you:

  • A copy of the receipt with the transaction number (an electronic copy is acceptable)
  • A copy of the Online Consent Form (an electronic copy is acceptable)
  • Your government-issued photo ID

Out-of-State Reciprocity Applicants

Obtain a pre-printed fingerprint card from the Department of Education by emailing

Go to a local law enforcement office for fingerprinting, and bring with you:

  • A Department of Education pre-printed fingerprint card
  • A copy of the receipt with the transaction number (an electronic copy is acceptable)
  • A copy of the Online Consent Form
  • Your government-issued photo ID

Submit all documents to the Department of Education by mail.



Complete the form, have it notarized, and submit a personal check, cashier's check, or a U.S. money order for $10.00 made payable to the Arkansas Department of Human Services. DO NOT SEND CASH OR A TEMPORARY CHECK - YOUR REQUEST WILL NOT BE PROCESSED. Make and keep a copy of this form for your records.


Arkansas Child Maltreatment Central Registry

P.O. Box 1437

Slot S 556

Little Rock, AR 72203

To check your employability status go to: https://adeaels.arkansas.gove/AelsWeb/Account/TeacherLogin.aspx. PLEASE NOTE: Please allow up to 4 weeks for the employability status to be determined before contacting the Arkansas Department of Education.

Local law enforcement offices do NOT typically offer live scan fingerprinting for school employees.

    • If electronic fingerprinting is not used or the fingerprints cannot be obtained by electronic fingerprinting, the applicant must obtain an ADE preprinted fingerprint card. NO OTHER FINGERPRINT CARD IS ACCEPTED. If a fingerprint card other than an ADE preprinted fingerprint card is used, the fingerprint card is used, the fingerprint card will be returned to the applicant, who will have to be re-fingerprinted. Note that a background check using a fingerprint card will take longer to process.
    • If fingerprints are rejected by the FBI, the applicant will be asked to obtain inked fingerprints. The State Police will send the applicant a letter and the instructions in that letter should be followed explicitly. If the inked fingerprints are also rejected, the FBI will conduct a records check using the applicant's name.