About Us

Our Mission

To support high achievement for all Great Rivers Cooperative students by providing quality support services that enhance teaching, learning, and leadership in our schools.

The Great Rivers Education Service Cooperative is committed to assisting and supporting schools as they strive to deliver a high quality education to each and every student in the area. Standing ready and willing, as one of the state's primary assets, to help implement the requirements of Act 35 and other key legislation calling for increased quality and accountability in our education system. Toward that end, we are committed to the implementation of this strategic plan in the months and years ahead. It is our desire to be recognized as one of the premier state systems of ESAs in Arkansas.

Strategic Priorities:

  • To continue to provide and expand our capacity to deliver appropriate professional development activities at a level so that identified needs are met for all member districts.

  • To offer an accountable, statewide systems that will provide appropriate technical assistance in meeting local, state, and federal guidelines.

  • To increase capacity through collaboration with stakeholders and policy makers in order to better meet the educational goals of the districts.

  • To continue to promote and assist stakeholders with the use of appropriate technology in the classroom.

  • To provide technical assistance to school districts in the use of the statewide computer systems such as: APSCN, NORMES, Triand, COGNOS, escWorks, Teachscape, etc.

  • To continue to support and enhance preschool programs.